Toronto Festivals

There are many great reasons why one would want to visit or live in Toronto. Let's see, there's a wide selection of top-notch doctors and hospitals, some of the world's best restaurants, lots of boutique shops that sell unique items you can't find anywhere else, the beautiful sights of Toronto Island and all the professional sports you can handle with the Maple Leafs, Rock, Argonauts, Blue Jays and Raptors.

While those are all great reasons on their own that makes Toronto the place to be the one thing that puts it over the top is that there is always some sort of event or festival happening in Toronto at any given moment. The most popular and well known of the Toronto festivals is the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) but there are so many more that make the city jumping and give you reason to leave your home for a fun evening in the city.

Pick any day on the calendar and there will be an event or festival on or around that date happening in Toronto that you and your family or friends can partake in. For example, if you're looking for something to do with your family on the Family Day weekend, the area is the place to be with dancing, face painting, music, art exhibits and make your own pizza booths being offered to families to celebrate the occasion.

Whatever it is you are into or feel like becoming more involved with you will be able to find a festival or event to it. If you're into movies then there's the Silent Film Festival, the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, and Regent Park Film Festival. If you feel like going away, leave home to take in a music festival you're in luck as you get to choose from the North By Northeast Music & Film Festival, the Wavelength Festival and the Toronto Jazz Festival.

Those are a couple of categories of popular Toronto festivals but they're not all the festivals that take place in the area throughout the course of the year. There's also Caribana, Toronto Ribfest, the Fringe Festival, BRAZILFEST Toronto, Toronto Comic Arts Festival, ARTfest, and the Vegetarian Food Festival, just to name a few. Festivals in Toronto provide many fun activities that everybody can enjoy and also allow you in some cases to experience something you might not have otherwise done so if it weren't for a particular festival such as buying locally made art for sale in Toronto. So, circle a date in your calendar and start getting in the festive mood!

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