Dark Humor

It seems like a contradiction to find happiness or humour in cynicism or darker topics. But, this is exactly what black or dark humour is and it is definitely something that intrigues and entertains millions of people. It can relate to death or just to taboo subjects that some might feel uncomfortable talking about. It has always been known that when talking about something serious there needs to be that release of laughter at some point in a theatrical work. Perhaps what people are experiencing when watching a dark comic film in their space or by reading a particular book related to this.

The term dark comedy was created by a French surrealist in the 1930s named Andre Breton. He believed that some of the works of author Jonathan Swift showed the first examples of this literary device. Nowadays, you will find this type of comedy in many different forms. You might see a film about a landscape designer who loses a loved one and the story is told in a comical way. Or, there are several different stand-up comedians that are now using this device in their routines as a way of talking about more vulgar or intimate topics.

Dark humour to some is seen as in bad taste and is certainly not the preference of everyone. You might see subtle forms of it on popular television shows for the masses but it has long been known as something that is included more in independent movies and shows with more of a cult following. Where we see it more in the mainstream now is in the fantasy genre. You could say that there is a dark humour element to films like Harry Potter or Twilight and in shows like True Blood. People have a simpler time accepted it if it is in an unrealistic world opposed to a unemployment office.

If you're interested in this genre than there are several different movies that are considered classics in the genre. Raising Arizona, Withnail & I, and Harold and Maude are some of the titles that are critically acclaimed. There are many movies that are about love and losing money in seasonal investing as well as those that are about death. Some also take on a regular topic in a more unconventional way.

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