The Best Medicine

Laughter is the best medicine. Hands down. Well, of course, laughter might not help you get over your cold or heal your back pain but it sure doesn't hurt or make things worse! If you were building a dollhouse and stubbed your toe on it while opening up the dollhouse kits you'd be in pain at first but your daughter would find it funny and end up laughing at your pain and then you'd laugh with her, which would eventually lead to you laughing your pain away. See, laughter was some pretty good medicine that time, wasn't it?

Whether you're trying to avoid stressful arguments in your office or need to stop worrying about the pain in your back, laughter is the best medicine. Ask yourself one question right this moment: would you rather be surly and upset at your friends, family, or co-workers all day long because you had a bad day or would you rather watch YouTube videos of Louis CK or Eugene Mirman doing stand-up and laughing your troubles away? We imagine you'd rather be doing the latter than the former and we wouldn't blame you.

One quick way to get over the sting of post-surgery pain is to put in your favorite funny movie in the DVD player or clicking on What to watch next on Netflix and laughing at all the funny jokes being told on screen. Smiling also helps the pain go away or make you stop thinking about your pain or uncomfortable situations. Entering those win a car sweepstakes and winning one will make any pain go away and playing outside with your children will also make you feel good as well.

The happier you are and the more you're laughing the better off you and your health will be in the long run. The next time you feel stressed out because your real estate agent told you that the offer you made on the house was rejected after speaking to your mortgage broker in Etobicoke and they went with a higher bid you should go out and find a way to laugh instead of spending the rest of the day brooding. Go out and watch a movie or go to a stand-up comedy show. Whatever it is you find funny you should go out and bask in the laughter and have a good time!

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