Bachelor Parties

Is your best friend getting married and the hotel you wanted to throw his bachelor party at is fully booked? Try not to feel too bummed out because you don't need to have a bachelor party at a hotel. There are plenty of other ways of having a great time with your friends that doesn't involve spending the night cooped up in some hotel room or not being able to host at your own home because your house didn't pass the Long Island home inspection.

In fact, you want the opposite. Bachelor parties are meant to be fun and carefree. You're supposed to be hitting the town up not checking in for the night like as if it was a normal evening like the ones you spend in your home. If you're unsure of what you should do for a bachelor party that you're throwing then you've come to the right place as we have bachelor party ideas to suit any theme.

Our first bachelor party idea involves sports. Finding a man about to getting married that doesn't love sports is really hard to find. Most guys who are about to get married are going to be spending a lot of time with their wife and that means less time watching sports or being a part of a hockey tournament. So why not plan that perfect sports weekend to let the soon-to-be groom get as much sports action in as he can? Sports bachelor parties can either involve playing sports with all the guys at the party or going to a live sporting event. It can be a lot of fun tailgating, eating nachos, hanging out with the guys and drinking a few alcoholic beverages while watching your favorite team play.

Another bachelor party idea we have involves nature and the outdoors. If the groom is a man's man who likes to hike, camp, hunt and fish you can always book an outdoors activity resort package that lets a large group of people pump their testosterone up through dirt biking, skydiving, wakeboarding, hiking, hunting, fishing, and hang gliding, just to name a few. Just make sure to read some articles before doing anything extreme to psych yourself up!

One more bachelor party idea we have revolves around another thing men like to do - Eat! Unless the groom is a vegetarian or vegan then he probably loves to eat red meat and there's no better leaving-the-single-life-behind going away present than a night out at one of top steakhouses in town! Book a private room where the bachelor party guests can chill out in peace while chewing on some premium beef and chugging back a few cold ones. Afterwards you can rent a limo to drive everyone home in style!

Maximum fun and good times are guaranteed with any of our bachelor party ideas!

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