Comedy Movies

If you're getting together to watch a movie with a group, choosing the movie can be difficult. You'll get some people who want to watch the latest action flick, others who want something deep and thought provoking, and still others who think everyone should watch the new expose documentary on manure handling. However, if there's one thing that most people can agree on, it's a comedy movie. Here are some tips for choosing a comedy everyone will enjoy.

Because so many people love comedies, it can be difficult to choose one that no one has seen yet. Therefore the best kinds to choose are either very new or quite old, to reduce the chances of anyone having seen them on the screens in local pubs for instance, while they're waiting for fares. Assemble a short list of movies, say no more than five or six, and take a vote as to which one you want to watch. Avoid having too many choices, as it can be overwhelming.


There are many different genres of comedy movies and not every one will appeal to everyone in your group. Gross-out or R rated comedies, like The Hangover for example, contain a lot of nudity, profanity, and themes inappropriate for young people and offensive to some grown ups. Likewise not everyone will appreciate a satire like A Fish Called Wanda because not everyone will understand subtle jokes about aquarium test kits. Broad comedies such as Father of the Bride and romantic comedies such as 27 Dresses are more likely to go over well with a group.

If your group is a work group, workplace comedies can be just the ticket. While there may not be anything specifically about working in an office, everyone can appreciate the common office annoyances featured in Office Space, the animosity toward the boss that's the key component in 9 to 5 and Horrible Bosses, or the wacky inner workings of the restaurant laid open in Waiting. Do a keyword search on IMDB to find out if your profession has a comedy yet.

With a big group, it can often be better to stay at home and watch a movie through Netflix or your local rental shop than to go to the theater. Cost will factor into the decision - the per person cost of a rental goes down with each additional person by skyrockets when you talk of taking a group to a theater at $11 or more per person. Most abstract art paintings are cheaper than the total cost of a group trip to the theater. At home there's also the added bonus of being able to rewind to catch jokes you missed or to chat about the movie while it's on.

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