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Whether you're in town to look at the condos at Queens Harbour or to see a popular comedy show, chances are you're going to be there during dinner time. There are plenty of places to grab a bite in Toronto, but if you want your meal to be as memorable as the show you're seeing, you should make a reservation at one of Toronto's hottest restaurants. We've got some suggestions for you here, no matter what your budget is.

Feel free to also check out these popular local restaurants according to reviews on Zomato.


If you're willing to spend upwards of $25 just for your entree, there are restaurants in Toronto that will make you feel like it's totally worth it. The Canoe Restaurant on Wellington St. is easy to get to from your Yonge and St Clair condos and features Canadian and European food like Pecan Tart and Potato and Leek soup. For French and Mediterranean fare, such as foie gras and steak tartare, visit Auberge du Pommier on Yongue Stree. Both are highly rated by users on Urban Spoon.


Looking for someplace nice to eat but don't want to leave feeling like you were mugged? Then try one of Toronto's more reasonably priced upscale eateries. Here you'll pay about $15 to $20 for your entree. One of the most popular places for Italian food is Grazie Ristorante on Yonge St, where you can get spaghetti and mussels with a little Phantom of the Opera for dessert. Another great place to test out for your adventurous side is the Spoon and Fork, a Japanese/Thai place on Queensway with spicy tuna and vegetarian maki.


Taking the family out for a treat after your annual visit to the dentist in Toronto? Then you're likely looking for a place that's got good food, great value, and a friendly atmosphere. At $10-$15 per entree, you can get slow roasted lamb or salmon at Stoney's Bread Company, or a kid friendly pizza at Mickey's on Lakshore Rd with dragon crust and toppings like steak and spinach.


Sometimes, though, you're just looking for a quick refueling stop before you head back to your friend's place for a party. In that case, you can get a hearty meal for less than $10 at restaurants like Salad King - a Thai/Malaysian place downtown, where you can get shrimp rolls and pad thai, or Johnny's Hamburgers where you can get a good old fashioned burger.

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