By Prescription Only

There are few things that are as important to happiness and being able to laugh easily as our health. When you're feeling sick or tired of researching dog kennels for a loved pet, you are likely not in the mood to go and see a comedy routine or have a few laughs with your friends. There are some health issues that can be solved quite easily by visiting the local drugstore and picking up some over-the-counter painkillers or allergy medication, for instance. But there are other things that you might need that will require a prescription.

There are some things that you will know that you're going to need to get a prescription for and others that might be debatable. For instance, if you've just had one of the complicated nose jobs doctors are doing these days than your painkillers are likely going to be too strong to be sold to the general public. But you might not know if there is something you can take if you have a chest infection. If you're not sure if you're going to need a prescription for the medication that you need then you should visit a pharmacist before making an appointment with your doctor.

Once you know that you're in need of a script from a doctor to get the medication that you need you can either make an appointment with your general practitioner or visit a walk-in clinic. You should not visit the emergency room if you're just in need of a script. You will find that if you're living in a condo or another major city that there are a few different walk-in clinics near you to choose from. If you're living in the country and there are no walk-in clinics then there might be some other service set up a few days a week where you can get the prescription that you need without going to the hospital.

Most insurance plans at least cover some of the cost of prescriptions. If you're living in local real estate then you might not even need to worry about any of the cost with the combination of the Canadian health plan and your personal insurance. If you're living in America you should take the time to look up if that medication is covered before you head to the pharmacy to have it filled. You might even mention to the doctor who's writing the script that you're on a certain insurance and they might be able to prescribe something accordingly. Once you get the medication you need you can get back to your daily life. And that can sometimes feel as good as if you were to win a car after some time of being ill or in pain.

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