Life Of a Comedian

Have you ever thought that you'd like to try your hand at stand up comedy? The kind of life a stand up comedian leads - even a successful stand up comedian - isn't for everyone. So before you quit your job and start writing your comedy material, have a look at our article on the life of a comedian. It should give you some idea of what to expect if you do try to make your way in this difficult career field. It's something to think about, at least.

Being a comedian starts with creating your material. In order to make a career out of comedy, comedians have to be able to find something funny in almost everything that happens to them. Whether they're taking a taxi or feeding the ducks with their kids, comedians can create a joke out of it. Those who can't just aren't able to create enough material to build routines with the regularity comedians need. Once they have these jokes, they also need a supportive network of family and friends to test them on.

Getting gigs is the toughest part of being a comedian. Most have had to do dozens and dozens of open mike nights before club managers are even willing to take a chance on hiring them as an act. It might be dozens more of these small club gigs before an agent or manager takes enough interest in them to take over the business and booking end of their careers. And even once they have a manager, they could still lose him or her if their acts flop consistently.

Most comedians perform less than one hour per day, so their lives are akin to those of musicians. They practice, they pitch themselves to clubs to try and get gigs, and they travel to new cities so people don't get tired of seeing the same person over and over again. This necessarily means spending a lot of time in hotels and away from family, which can be tough.

And finally, comedians need to know not only what makes people laugh but how to manage their own affairs, especially their money. Taxes and financial planning in a career where money does not come from a steady source is tough. Talk to a financial planner who knows. This is the life of a comedian. Want to know about a day in the life of a manufacturing warehouse employee for stuck pallets and truck dock bumpers you only need to click that link to learn more. As well, want to know what an air traffic controller does all in a days work? Check out the link.

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