This project was designed as a collaboration between Plain Projects and  UrbanInk  graphic artists Marcelle Lussier and Evan Marnoch.
 The Lookout is a toboggan slide tower and warming shelter being designed for the City of Winnipeg. The structure will replace the existing dated toboggan slide infrastructure in St. Vital Park with a year-round gathering area. 
 HYGGE [hYOOguh]  “I don’t speak a lick of Danish, but recently learned a great word that  describes a very particular feeling. Hygge (pronounced “hYOOguh”) often translates to “cozy” — though it connotes much more. From what I gather, it means something like fireplace warmth with candles and family and friends and food, tucked under blankets on a snowy day, cup-of-coffee conversation, scarf-snuggle, squiggly, warm baby love. Or something like that…” Claire O’Neill
 Plain Projects was been engaged by the City of Winnipeg Naturalist Services Branch to undertake a comprehensive investigation of the Assiniboine Forest in order to create a strategy for wayfinding and interpretation. 
 Plain Projects has worked on a number of single and multi-family residential designs of various scales. These images provide a sample of past and ongoing residential design work.
  Table for 1200  was an event organised by 5468796 Architecture on May 31st, 2014. Plain Projects participated as table captains and were responsible for designing one segment of the table for 1200 people.